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Download from Soundcloud. There was never an official soundtrack release of Link's Awakening, so Nintendo holds the first rights of release for the sale of related music. That's why the album is absolutely free to download.

Journey to Koholint Island again and rediscover the haunting and emotional music to The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, lovingly orchestrated and mastered in epic fashion.

Complete Version

70 Tracks
3 hours 10 minutes

One of the most ambitious and insane projects in Video Game Music!

Link's Awakening has always had a niche and fervent fanbase. As the first Zelda game not taking place in Hyrule, the music was allowed to branch out from the series' originally more grand and majestic tone into something more light-hearted and mystical. From the cheerful Overworld Theme, the innocent Mabe Village melody, to the emotional Ballad of the Wind Fish, and the grand Tal Tal Mountain Range, this beloved installment was host to many memorable and catchy tunes. All of these tracks are given the orchestral treatment needed to update them with modern realistic instrument samples. But unlike many fan arrangement projects, every single track, not just the popular ones, have been given consistent makeovers so that the entire Link's Awakening experience can be enjoyed.

More than just "Arrangement." Transforming 8-bit music into a contemporary soundtrack that rivals the best on the market today.

Perserving the spirit of the original | Melodies expanded and developed further | Completely new melodies composed

Trying to keep things familiar while fleshing out the instrumentation is an extremely tricky and delicate process. On the simplified side, many amateurs take the original midi file, do a "Find/Replace" function on the instruments, label it "orchestrated" and consider it finished. On the more professional side, you have composers hired to update orchestrate the songs and record them with a live orchestra. Many unsatisfactory consequences pop up also. First, many classically trained composers aren't real gamers, so they're just working a job and taking the "melodies" Nintendo asks them to incorporate without much understanding of its context in the game. A lot of orchestrated tracks end up as "medleys," just a quick "appetizer sampler platter" of the popular tunes. What makes me better qualified is that I have the best of both worlds. I have played and completed Link's Awakening more then 10 times. During the arrangement of each track, I play that portion of the game featuring the music countless times to better understand its context. While I remain completely respectful of the source material, I am also unafraid to bring in my own interpretation and criticisms in attempt to create a truly superior version of the music.

Playing the game with the orchestrated music is like experiencing the deeper story you never realized was always there.

One thing I do when arranging each track is try to get in the mindset of the original composers. I imagine that the composers actually did compose full orchestral tracks in the beginning, but because of the Game Boy's hardware limitations, they then had to reduce, cut, and minimize the music so that it would fit in the cartridge. What does that theoretical soundtrack sound like? That is my interpretation. Listen to the following track and compare between the original music and mine to see how my version greatly enhances the mood and emotions that are already there.

Original Version

Orchestrated Version

Track List and Insights

Click on each track to read my process producing it.

* This track is included in the abridged album.



  • Opening Scene *
  • Select Screen
  • Waking Up *
  • Big Item
  • Sword Search *
  • The Owl *
  • Reunion with His Sword
  • Overworld Theme *
  • Mabe Village ~Variations on a Theme *
  • Mysterious Woods *
  • Tail Cave ~1st Dungeon~ *
  • Mini Boss *
  • Dungeon Passageways
  • Boss Theme ~Act 1~ *
  • Heart Container
  • Instrument of the Sirens
  • Full Moon Cello ~1st Instrument of the Sirens~
  • BowWow's Rescue
  • Peaceful Villagers
  • Telephone Booth
  • Marin Sings Ballad of the Wind Fish *
  • Caves
  • Bottle Grotto ~2nd Dungeon~
  • Conch Horn ~2nd Instrument of the Sirens~
  • Guardian Acorn & Piece of Power
  • Richard's Villa
  • Trendy Game!
  • Shop
  • Monkeys Build a Bridge
  • Kanalet Castle ~Traces of a Forgotten Legacy~
  • Key Cavern ~3rd Dungeon~
  • Sea Lily's Bell ~3rd Instrument of the Sirens~
  • Tarin Chased by Bees
  • Animal Village *
  • Link and Marin at the Beach
  • Dream Shrine
  • Ocarina Song 1 - Duet of Ballad of the Wind Fish
  • Angler's Tunnel ~4th Dungeon~
  • Surf Harp ~4th Instrument of the Sirens~
  • Zelda Select Screen
  • Ocarina Song 2 - Manbo's Mambo
  • House by the Bay ~Ghost House~
  • Mr. Write and Christine
  • Catfish's Maw ~5th Dungeon~
  • Boss Theme ~Act 2~
  • Wind Marimba ~5th Instrument of the Sirens~
  • Game Over
  • Fishing under the Bridge
  • Raft Ride
  • Southern Face Shrine *
  • The Truth about Koholint Island *
  • Face Shrine ~6th Dungeon~ *
  • Coral Triangle ~6th Instrument of the Sirens~
  • Ocarina Song 3 - Frog's Song of Soul
  • The Flying Rooster
  • Tal Tal Mountain Range *
  • Cucco House
  • Eagle's Tower ~7th Dungeon~
  • Boss Theme ~Evil Eagle~
  • Organ of Evening Calm ~7th Instrument of the Sirens
  • Fairy Fountain
  • The Turtle Awakens
  • Turtle Rock ~8th Dungeon~
  • Thunder Drum ~8th Instrument of the Sirens~
  • Ballad of the Wind Fish *
  • The Wind Fish's Egg *
  • The Nightmares ~Final Boss~ *
  • Ending / Credits *
  • Color Dungeon
  • Ballad of the Wind Fish ~Full Arrangement~ *